Lectorile is an original idea from “Factoría Gráfica JmBer”, brought to light when the company’s art director, who has a great passion for music, observed  that some soloist musicians need more space on their music stands for reading their scores. The idea then arose to enhance the music stand in order to make it faster and more comfortable to use, but also attractive. Thus “Lectorile” was created; a music stand made from light cardboard, which when assembled can hold up to five A4 pages, and when folded away is no bigger than a folder. The great thing about this creation is that it’s easy to assemble and to fold away, and it weighs very little (just 230 grams), which makes it ideal for travelling.

Factoria Gràfica JmBer

Sevilla street 50, Alicante-Spain

MAPS: 9G38+XQ Alicante (Alacant)